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Because they affect Seabird populations, here are some stories of Forage Fish in the News that our followers may be interested in.

Forage Fish News

Long-awaited Fisheries Bills Move Forward as Rough Year for Seabirds Comes to a Close - from, November, 2021

The PNW is a leader on forage fish management — but it needs better data - from, May, 2021

New Atlantic herring protections set to take effect Wednesday - from News Center Maine, February, 2021 - also reposted by, February, 2021

New fishing protections spell win for Maine's puffin population - from, January 2021

Audubon Applauds New Protections for a New England Fish That Seabirds Rely On - from, January 2021

Big business of catching tiny fish won't be restricted in coastal waters, Louisiana leaders decide - from, November 2020

Young whales looking to dine flock to waters off New York City - from Portland Press Herald, October 2020

A Big Day for the Little Fish that Seabirds Rely On - from, August 2020

Fish Are on the Legislative Menu at a Recent Congressional Hearing - from, January 2020

Warming waters: Seafood stocks under threat in Maine - from Al Jazeera English (YouTube), December 2019

Climate change has pushed Long Island Sound and its birds to ‘the edge of major, hard-to-predict changes,’ report says - from Hartford Courant, December 2019

Oceana Sues Feds For Failure to Prevent Overfishing of Ocean's Tiny Fish - from, July 2019

Commentary: Protecting coastal ecology not just for the birds - from, June 2019

How People Saved the Seabirds of the California Current - from, June 2019

The Rise of Plastic Pollutions Threatens Seabird Species and Marine Life - from The Science Times, June 2019

Rare seabird colony on Chesil Beach growing after years of decline - from DorsetECHO, June 2019

River Herring May Be Added to Endangered Species List - from EcoRI News, June 2019

How to fish without disrupting the food web - from The Hill, June 2019

Audubon intervenes to protect ocean monument for puffins - from The Associated Press, June 2019

New Catch Limits Issued for Northern Anchovy Still Violate the Law - from, June 2019

Cut in herring quota could drive up price of lobster - from The Westerly Sun, May 2019

These Tiny, Bottom-Dwelling Fish May Be The Reason That Coral Reefs Are Flush With Life - from Forbes Magazine, May 2019

Penguins and their chicks' responses to local fish numbers informs marine conservation - from EurekAlert! (from the American Association for the Advancement of Science - AAAS), May 2019

Local forage fish abundance influences foraging effort and offspring condition in an endangered marine predator - from British Ecological Society, May 2019

Why Forage Fish Conservation Matters - from JSTOR Daily, May 2019

Vanishing Bering Sea ice threatens one of the richest U.S. seafood sources - from Science Magazine (from the American Association for the Advancement of Science - AAAS), May 2019

Bill to conserve forage fish will boost gamefish too - from Waterline (Sun Newspapers), May 2019

Forage fish bill stands to make a huge difference for marine birds - from California Audubon, May 2019

What can we do about the seabird extinction crisis? - from Connecticut Audubon, May 2019

Audubon Great Lakes Praises Introduction of Bipartisan Fisheries Bill to Help Great Lakes Birds - from Great Lakes Audubon, May 2019

In self-interest, we must protect our coasts - from The Day, May 2019

Opinion: To save Great Lakes birds, we must help forage fisheries - from Detroit News, April 2019

Releases – April 25, 2019 - from Fisherman's Post, April 2019

Forage Fish Conservation Act Would Help Protect Ocean Food Webs - from ODU Magazine, April 2019

Lawmakers Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Strengthen the Marine Food Web - from Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, April 2019

Forage Fish, Vital to Ecosystem and Economy, Would Gain Protections Under House Bill - from PEW Charitable Trusts, April 2019

From The Head: The Forage Fish Act - from Inventive Fishing YouTube, April 2019

Conserving tiny forage fish, the heroes of our shared ocean ecosystem - from The Hill, April 2019

Legislation to Benefit Sport Fish Populations and Other Marine Life Introduced - from Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation, April 2019

From Sand Lance to Sandeel – a Special Relationship - from The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), April 2019

Yellowtail Snapper 101 - from The Online Fisherman, April 2019

Audubon Backs New Bill to Bolster Small Fish That Struggling Seabirds Need to Survive - from Pet News and Videos, April 2019

Looking Out for the Little Fish - from Crappie Now! Digital Magazine, April 2019

Fish Talk in the News – Friday, April 12/a> - from, April 2019

Forage Fish Conservation Act Would Help Protect Ocean Food Webs - from National Wildlife Federation, April 2019

Green Bay Audubon chapter takes part in National Audubon D.C. Fly-In - from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, April 2019

Dingell, Mast Introduce Forage Fish Conservation Act to Protect Marine Ecosystem and Fishing Economy - from U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, April 2019

Bill to conserve forage fish would promote healthy sportfish populations - from Trade Only Today, April 2019

Brian Mast Champions the Forage Fish Conservation Act - from Florida Daily, April 2019

Mast, Dingell Introduce Forage Fish Conservation Act to Protect Marine Ecosystem and Fishing Economy - from U.S. Congressman Brian Mast, April 2019

How a New Bill Could Help Restore Our Oceans and Lift Seabird Populations - from National Audubon, April 2019

National Forage Fish Act to Debut in House - from Florida Sportsman, April 2019

Warmer Seas Will Limit Food Supply From Fisheries - from Futurity, March 2019

If you love seabirds, you shoudln care about forage fish: a call to action - from Bucks County Audubon Society Blog (Barbara Beck, author), and also reprinted in the Bucks County Herald, March 2019

Islands Trust to write letter to minister opposing herring roe fishery  - from My Powell River Now, March 2019

Rising ocean temperatures decrease sustainable fishing, Rutgers study finds - from The Daily Targum, March 2019

Summer flounder: Big quota bump doesn't mean more fish for anglers - from USA Today (APP), March 2019

Scientists see improving ocean conditions off West Coast, but ‘we are not quite out of the woods yet’ - Seattle Times, March 2019

Cooke another step closer to getting MSC label for Atlantic menhaden - Undercurrent News, March 2019

EDF Launches Smart Boat Initiative to Help Recover Global Fisheries - Environmental Defense Fund,  March 2019

Fishery managers eye federal fishery law reauthorization  - The Brunswick News, March 2019

Fatty Acid Dynamics In The Fish Gulf Menhaden - Science Trends, March 2019

Climate Change Could Cost Fisheries Billions - Climate Wire, March 2019

The World is Losing Fish to Eat as Oceans Warm, Study Finds - from The New York Times, February 2019

Climate Change Shrinking Global Fisheries - from Courthouse News Service, February 2019

Maine’s lobster industry braces for ‘catastrophic’ cuts to bait fish catch - from Bangor Daily News, February 2019

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