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You can help by adopting a puffin!

To Adopt Online: Please click on one of the options below to adopt online:

MailClick here to download the adoption and donation form, then complete it and mail it to Project Puffin, 12 Audubon Rd, Bremen, ME, 04551.

If you have questions about making a donation or adopting a puffin, please email us at

With each $100 (tax-deductible) adoption, you will receive the following items: 

  • Certificate of Adoption: A colorful certificate displaying your name. 
  • Biography: Includes detailed information gathered by our researchers about an individual puffin from the time it hatched to the present; a summary of the puffin's most recent behavior, nesting, and other activities; and a current color picture. 
  • Project Puffin book: The option of receiving the book: Project Puffin: How We Brought Puffins Back to Egg Rock by Stephen Kress.

We will send you a renewal letter when it is time to renew your adoption.

Why puffin adoptions are meaningful - from the Boston Globe - March 8, 2016