Sharing Your Project

Razorbills USFWS
Photo: Mad River Decoy

How Does Social Attraction Work for You?

Help us share the promise of social attraction. Tell us about your project.  We will include summaries of the various projects using social attraction methods on this website so that managers can shares ideas and outcomes.  Sharing your project may help to inspire others to make a difference for seabirds. Descriptions of both successful and yet to be successful projects are welcome. 

Provide us the information requested below, and return it with photos to:

  • Name of focal bird(s)
  • Country of Project
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your email and phone
  • Affiliation with Project
  • Organization(s) sponsoring Project
  • Describe methods of your project including habitat, numbers of decoys, audio recordings, mirrors, etc.
  • Outcomes so far

How you can help, right now