Sharing Your Project

Razorbills USFWS
Photo: Mad River Decoy

How Does Social Attraction Work for You?

Help us share the promise of social attraction. Tell us about your project! Sharing your project may help to inspire others to make a difference for seabirds. Descriptions of both successful and yet to be successful projects are welcome. We are working with a group of partners to compile information about seabird restoration projects that have occurred around the world which will develop an online database presenting practitioners with real world examples of the methods and outcomes of active seabird restoration efforts (social attraction, translocation) so they can design better projects in the future.

You can fill out an online survey about your project via the Seabird Restoration Database Survey web site.

More information on the Seabird Restoration Database project is available on the Global Seabird Restoration Database web site, including a map of all currently cataloged projects. The full database is planned for completion in 2021, and will be made available as soon as possible.

Our own Seabird Institute Social Attraction Tools Map appears below, showing locations where Mad River Decoys by Audubon (2017-present) and Murremaid Music Boxes (1996-present) have been deployed.

How you can help, right now