Australasian Gannet

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Photo: Ecoworks NZ, Ltd.

Hollow, rotomolded polyethylene with stick mount

Custom metal stand available at additional cost

The Australasian Gannet is a pelagic bird that breeds in small, dense colonies on islands and along the coastline of southeastern Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and Norfolk Island.  Using the Northern Gannet blank, we modified the tail feather pattern to make the Australasian species.

There are presently two restoration projects ongoing in New Zealand, one at Young Nick’s Head and the other on Motuora Island.  The Young Nick’s Head project began in 2008 and as of February 2011, gannets had nested and hatched chicks.  The project coordinators believe this is the first time gannets have been attracted using acoustic attraction and decoys and successfully bred (click here for more information).

The Motuora Island project is run by the Motruora Restoration Society, a group of dedicated volunteers in conjunction with The New Zealand Department of Conservation.  They hope to attract gannets from an overpopulated colony on nearby.  The project began in 2010 and there has been much activity it’s expected that establishing a breeding population in a new area will take several years.

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