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Project Puffin News

Nigel, the world's loneliest bird, was no victim. He was a hero. - from The Washington Post,  February 2018

Maine's Atlantic Puffins Had One of Their Best Breeding Years Yet - from,  November 2017

Beaked baby boomers: Record Year for puffin chicks in Maine - from The Boston Globe,  November 2017

Maine's puffin colony produces record number of chicks — and they're chubby too - from Portland Press Herald,  November 2017

Record year for endangered puffin chicks in Maine from,  November 2017

Maine Puffins On The Rebound - from,  September 2017

Puffins, Politics, and Joyful Doggedness in Maine​ - from Union of Concerned Scientists (Blog, by Derrick Z. Jackson),  September 2017

The Naturalist discovers a surprising tool - from Southern Rhode Island Newspapers,  August 2017 (see last three paragraphs)

Notes from the field: Summer Undergraduate Internship on Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge - from Early Career Climate Forum,  July 2017 

Seabird Workshop with Seabird Sue - from Lincoln County News,  July 2017 

Maine Scientists working to save puffins - from WGME TV 13 (CBS) Portland,  June 2017 

Among The Puffins - from Down East Magazine,  June 2017 

Steve Kress Talks About Project Puffin - from Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds (Episode #625 - 5/21/17), May 2017 

Project Puffin: A Story Review - from, May 2017 

Project Puffin (Earth Month) - from Illustrated Impact, April 2017

Inside Audubon's New Decoy Workshop, Where Saving Seabirds Is the Mission - from, April 2017 

Is the Acadian Redfish Helping Puffins Adapt to Climate Change? - from, December 2016

Skidmore graduate connecting people with nature - from Albany Times Union, October 2016

Audubon intern wants to connect people with nature - from Greenwich Time, October 2016

Victory! New Marine National Monument Will Protect Winter Habitat for Puffins - from, October 2016

Stephen Kress (featured as previous laureate) has been smitten by the playful and brightly coloured Atlantic puffin since his early 20s - from rolexawards, September 2016

Letter-writers make history: President Obama declares first Atlantic Ocean National Monument - from National Geographic, September 2016

Hope is the Thing with Feathers - After forty years, Steve Kress's Project Puffin goes global - from Maine Magazine, September 2016

Obama Announces the Atlantic's First Marine Monument, Protecting a Vital Underwater Ecosystem - from, September 2016

Why Some Puffin Colonies Thrived and One Barely Survived This Summer - from, August 2016

It's Been a Tough Year for Puffins on Machias Seal Island - from Maine Public Broadcasting (MPBN), August 2016

Puffin chicks in Gulf of Maine’s largest colony starve to death at record rate - from Portland Press Herald, August 2016

Puffin Wintering Grounds Need To Be Protected - from Huffington Post, August 2016

Voices: A bird's-eye view of climate change - from USA Today, July 2016

Puffin TV captures the successful restoration of a threatened seabird to its Maine habitat - from PRI - Living on Earth, July 2016

Everyone's Favorite Bird Cams Are Back! - from Motherboard, July 2016

Fish and Fledging - from Vineyard Gazette, July 2016

The Top 5 Wildlife Livestreams for People Stuck Indoors this Summer - from Inverse, July 2016

5 of the Most Addictive Wildlife Cams on the Web - from The Science Explorer, June2016

Laureates fight to save birds - from Rolex Awards for Enterprise, March 2016

Tracing the arrival and disappearance of Puffin M - from The Boston Globe, March 2016

Scientists: Puffins might spend the winter off New Jersey - from The Washington Times, February 2016

Adorable Puffins are Tougher Than They Look - from National Geographic, February 2016

Researchers discover mystery behind where puffins spend the winter - from Mother Nature Network, February 2016

Scientists Have Cracked the Mystery of Where Puffins Winter - from Atlas Obscura, February 2016

Puffin mystery solved! Scientists learn secrets of Maine birds' Migration - from Christian Science Monitor, February 2016

Scientists solve mystery behind where puffins spend winter - from The Weather Network, February 2016

Audubon Scientists Uncover Winter Home of Maine Atlantic Puffins - from eNews Park Forest, February 2016

The Puffin Bred on These Rocks (BOOK REVIEW) - from The American Birding Association's ABA Blog, November 2015

Puffin Problems in Europe Should Trigger Call to Action for Ocean Conservation - from (Source: Cornell Univ.), November 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock - from The Condor, October 2015 (Note: A PDF version is available HERE.)

Can Animal Cams Help Stave Off Climate Change? - from Outside Magazine online, October 2015

Winged Victory - from Cornell Alumni Magazine, September/October 2015

How Puffins made it back to Maine's Egg Rock - from, September 2015

Spending a Summer on an Island of Birds - from Bowdoin News, August 2015

These Perfect Photos of Maine's Puffins Will Give You Hope About Nature - from Reader's Digest, August 2015  (Note: article link no longer available)

Saving seabirds, a species at a time - from Rolex Awards for Enterprise, July 2015

Cornell professor dedicates life to saving Atlantic Puffins - from Ithaca Voice, July 2015

Book review: 'Project Puffin' explores complicated return of Maine coastal icon - from Portland Press Herald, July 2015

Plan the Perfect Maine Coastal Road Trip, the Easy Way - from, June 2015

Hope or despair? The highs and lows of saving seabirds (Project Puffin book information) - from NewScientist, June 2015

The Threatened Atlantic Puffins Are Nesting And It's Adorable - from, June 2015

The "Improbable" Success of Project Puffin - from, June 2015

Need a break? Here are 6 videos of nature to watch LIVE right now - from Upworthy, June 2015

BEAK PEEK! Live from Maine's Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge, it's Puffin Cam! - from onEarth, June 2015

Saving puffins and 'King Penguin,' too - from The Cornell Chronicle, June 2015

Time to awaken your primal desire to hang out with a puffin - from Grist, June 2015

Atlantic puffins are a landmark success story - from Tallahassee Democrat, May 2015

The Puffin Project - from Living On Earth (PRI's Environmental News Magazine), May 2015

Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest To Bring A Beloved Seabird Back To Egg Rock - from WGBH's Forum Network, May 2015

A Puffin Colony's 40-Year Journey Back to Maine - from, May 2015

KPCW's This Green Earth - May 5, 2015 - Project Puffin - from, May 2015

The Puffin project - from, May 2015

Sailing Superyacht Whisper Donating to Project Puffin - from, April 2015

What it takes to restore the puffin to Maine's islands - from, April 2015

Well deserved: AOU honors puffin conservationist, bird-coloration expert - from, December 2014

To Get Your Hands On A Seabird You Have To Go 'Grubbing' - from, October 2014

A cold winter leads to more successful nests for Maine’s charismatic Atlantic Puffin - from Birdwatching Magazine (, October 2014

Puffins Project Keeps Popular Seabirds in N.E. - from, August 2014 (Note: article link no longer available)

Puffins: A small bird defies big odds - Human intervention, not nature, will ensure the puffin’s survival - from, August 2014

Bold Coast: Mustard and Puffins - from, August 2014

Scientists ask bird oglers to help study puffins - from, August 2014

Puffin Watchers Wanted For Online Webcam Research Project - from Emilio Cogliani Blog (originally:, August 2014

‘You see one puffin, you’ve seen ‘em all’ - from, August 2014

The Best Fan Photos From Audubon And's Puffin And Osprey Cams - from, July 2014

Adorable Puffin Chick Will Ruin Your Plans For the Day - from, July 2014

Seabirds by sail - from, July (August issue) 2014

Webcams provide up-close look at nesting puffins, ospreys in Maine - from (Mother Nature Network), June 2014

Streaming Eagles - from, June 2014

Squee! See Newly Hatched Osprey Chicks on Live 'Critter Cam' - from, June 2014

Meet the Filmmaker Who Is Installing Live Cams All Over the World - from, June 2014

Climate Change is Killing the Puffins We Fought So Hard to Save - from, June 2014

Bird Sightings - from, June 2014

Project Puffin becomes successful in establishing colonies - from, June 2014

The Puffin Cam Will Break Your Heart - from, June 2014

Something is seriously wrong on the East Coast — and it’s killing all the baby puffins - from (cross-post from - see previous article), June 2014

Something Is Seriously Wrong on the East Coast—and It's Killing All the Baby Puffins  - from, May/June 2014

Puffin-Cam Calamity, Congress Shoots Down Military on Climate, C'mon Chimp—Time for Your Ebola Shot - from, May 2014

National Audubon Society Announces 2014 Professional Callison Award Winner - Dr. Stephen Kress Recognized For Seabird Restoration Program - from, May 2014

Dr. Steve Kress: State Of The Puffin - from, May 2014

Watching for Fish in the Puffin's Beak - from Smithsonian Ocean Portal, November 2013

A Crazy Idea to Bring Back Atlantic Puffins is a Success - from Audubon Magazine, September/October 2013

A man, a plan and an island of puffins - from The Columbus Dispatch, September 2013

Save the Puffins! - from The Weather Channel, August 2013 (Note: article/video link no longer available)

On A Rocky Maine Island, Puffins Are Making A Tenuous Comeback - from NPR, August 2013

Living simply to help save Seal Island's puffins - from NBC Nightly News, August 2013

Project Puffin celebrates 40 years, addresses new dangers - from, July 2013

For the Birds: Everybody’s individual path to environmental consciousness is different. Curious, though, how many of them turn out to be flight paths - from WILD LIFE (by David Gessner), July 2013

Researchers: Maine's puffin population is at risk - from New England Cable News (, July 2013

Puffins Return To Maine For Nesting Season, But Climate Peril Looms [PHOTOS] - from International Business Times, July 2013

Puffins flock home to Maine islands - from AP Photos, July 2013

For the birds! Guests ruffle KLG, Hoda's feathers - from The TODAY Show, July 2013

Puffins flock home to Maine islands - from MSN news, July 2013


Atlantic puffins in peril in U.S. - from The Denver Post, June 2013

Warming oceans are killing baby puffins - from Grist, June 2013

Puffins in Peril - from Time For Kids, June 2013

Atlantic puffins are in danger - from The Washington Post, June 2013

Scientists warn Atlantic puffins in peril in US - from Bloomberg Business Week News, June 2013 (Note: article link no longer available)

Warming Ocean Puts Puffins in Peril - from, June 2013

Atlantic puffin population is in danger, scientists warn - from The Guardian (UK), June 2013

Scientists warn Atlantic puffins in peril in US - from Star Tribune, June 2013

Puffins in peril as food supply falters - from Japan Times, June 2013

Project Puffin celebrates 40 years, addresses new dangers - from, July 2013

Project Puffin, Eastern Egg Rock - from, November 2012

The Puffin Charmer: By thinking like a social bird, Stephen Kress brought puffins back to the United States - from "DOERS" on, November 2012

A Puffin Reality Show - from WBUR's HERE AND NOW radio show at, June 2012

An Eye on the Sea from Above: What Seabirds Tell Us About the Gulf of Maine - from, May 2012

Help a Puffin Colony! Just dig in to Puffins cereal - from, Earth Issue 2012 (with photos by Bill Scholtz, in collaboration with Project Puffin)

Tracking puffins helps scientists learn about unusual bird - by Ann Cameron Siegal, fromKidsPost -, March 2012

Puffins: It’s better in Bermuda - Editorial from, February 2012

The Secret Life of the Rambling Puffin - by Jim Robbins, from, February 2012

Where Do Puffins Go in the Winter? - Editorial from, January 2012

Ripple Marks: The Story Behind the Story - The Gulf of Maine: Between a Rock and a Hard Place? Slack Tide for Seabirds - by Cheryl Lyn Dybas, from Oceanography - The Official Magazine of the Oceanography Society, Volume 24 | Number 3 | September 2011

Pies on Parade: my new favorite Rockland festival - by Eva Murray, from Village Soup Community Network (Herald Gazette), January 2011

Hatching My Passion - by Steve Kress, from, October 2010

Back to the source - by Pete Dunne, from Birder's World magazine, October 2010

A Puffin Comeback - Cover story from Smithsonian magazine, June 2010 (read the follow-up blog by author Michelle Nijhuis, by clicking HERE)

Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures - Project Puffin episode has been airing on two stations in California in January - KCVU-CR (FOX) - Chico/Redding, CA and KRON-SF (MyTV) - San Francisco, CA - according to alerts from, January 2010 (NOTE: need password to use site)

Seabird Conservation News

Fisheries output to plunge unless global warming reeled in - from Reuters,  March 2018 (Note: Not about seabirds directly - related content)

Wisdom, The World’s Oldest Known Wild Bird, Successfully Hatches Another Chick! - from USFWS - Pacific Region,  February 2018

Photos: UV Light Reveals Surprising Hidden Message on the Beaks of Atlantic Puffins - from Newsweek,  February 2018

Oregon Elevates Threatened Marbled Murrelet to Endangered Status - from Oregon Public Broadcasting,  February 2018

A critical fishery left vulnerable to one company's exploitation - from Portland Press Herald,  November 2017

Summer may be getting longer in waters off New Englend - from, September 2017

Cormorants Flock to Nesting Platforms on New East Span - from Metropolitan Transportation Commission (, May 2017

To Save Albatross From Sea Level Rise, an Experimental Colony Lifts Off - from, March 2017

Disappearing Puffins Bring an Icelandic Hunting Tradition Under Scrutiny - from, January 2017

Hunting 'Turr' in Newfoundland's Frigid Waters - from NY Times, December2016

Scientists stumped by disappearing seabirds off Nova Scotia despite protections - from CBC/Radio-Canada, November 2016

Landslide Triggered by New Zealand Earthquake Crushes Rare Seabird Colony - from, November 2016

Hundreds Of Dead Puffins Are Mysteriously Washing Ashore In Alaska - from Huffington Post, November 2016

Animals Eat Ocean Plastic Because it Smells Like Food - from National Geographic, November 2016

The ocean is losing its breath - and climate change is making it worse - from The Conversation, October 2016

World's largest protected marine area to shelter penguins, petrels - from BirdLife International, October 2016

Not Just Another Stinky Fish - from The New York Times, October 2016

Puffin numbers rise on Lundy Island after rat eradication - from North Devon Journal, August 2016

In their hunt for misspent EU cash, even rare birds are fair game for Brexit camp - from The Guardian, June 2016

Scientists: Climate change is behind Arctic's 'startling' winter warmth - from Alaska Dispatch News, March 2016

Animals Die in Large Numbers, and Researchers Scratch Their Heads - from, January 2016

Thousands of birds found dead along the Alaskan shoreline - from, January 2016

Recovery: The Miracle on Palmyra - from Cool Green Science, December 2015

12 Adorable Animals Threatened by Climate Change - from Mashable, December 2015

How Plastic Birds Are Bringing Crested Terns Back From The Brink - from Audubon Magazine, November/December 2015

The Burning Man of Birding: Inside Iceland's Puffin Festival - from Audubon Magazine, November/December 2015

Endangered Hawaiian Petrels Moved To Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge - from American Bird Conservancy, November 2015

World's biggest seabird tracking database shows their incredible journeys - from BirdLife International, October 2015

After 60 million years of extreme living, seabirds are crashing - from, September 2015

Sea Level Rise and Storm Wave Flooding Threaten Seabirds - from, September 2015

90 Percent of Seabirds are Eating Plastic - from, September 2015

In The Stomach Of A Seabird, A Glimpse Of An Ocean Heating Up - from, August 2015

Puffins' winter odyssey revealed - from BBC News, July 2015

Why Aren't Ethics and Morality Considered Relevant in Debates Over Wildlife Culls? - from Pacific Standard Magazine (, June 2015

Icelandic Birds on European Endangered List - from Iceland Review Online, June 2015

Plastic pellets found in puffin tummies - from CBS News, March 2015

Scottish Puffins found with plastic pellets in their stomachs - from, March 2015

Herring decline threatens fragile seabird populations, biologist says - from, March 2015

Wisdom - the World's Oldest Laysan Albatross - Lays an Egg at Midway Atoll - from USFWS Pacific, December 2014

Are We Missing the Big Picture on Climate Change? - from, December 2014

Toxins from plastic pollution impacting health of seabirds, scientists say - from, September 2014

Listen to the puffins, the ocean's canary in the coal mine - from, September 2014

Gannet population in grave shape off Newfoundland, scientists warn - from, August 2014

'It is a remarkable success story' - from, August 2014

Iceland's Seabird Colonies Are Vanishing, With "Massive" Chick Deaths - from, August 2014

Shifts In Habitat May Threaten Ruddy Shorebird's Survival - from, July 2014

Once-common marine birds disappearing from our coast - from The Seattle Times, July 2014

Ghost Towns, Puffins and Unspoiled Views - from NY Times, July 2014

Birders are not obsessive … Hey, look! A tufted puffin! - from Bangor Daily News, June 2014

Calling all puffins - from The Telegraph, April 2014  (Note: article link no longer available)

Forage species poised for enhanced protection on the west coast - from Audubon's, April 2014

Plankton make scents for seabirds and a cooler planet - from Science Daily, March 2014

Fears for Westcountry puffins after "storm wreck' - from North Devon Journal, March 2014

Northern Mystery: Why Are Birds of the Arctic in Decline? - from Yale Environment 360 (e360), January 2014 - also please refer to this pdf file by Ed Struzik

Interview: Dr. Bill Montevecchi on Oil and Dispersant Effects on Birds Wintering in the Gulf of Mexico - from Ocean Conservancy, January 2014

What Does a Puffin Taste Like? The answer is even worse than the question. - from, January 2014

Traffic Jams Lend Insight Into Emperor Penguin Huddle - from, December 2013

To avoid killing birds with wind turbines, researchers track flight patterns off Maine coast - from Bangor Daily News, July 2013

Penguin Sentinels - from NSF QUEST, July 2013

Guillemot eggs are self-cleaning - from BBC News, July 2013

Puffin Count On Isle of May NNR in Scotland Gives Surprising Result  - from, May 2013

Lost & Found - from New Zealand Geographic, May 2013

Puffins Overhunted in Iceland - from News of Icelend, May 2013

Invasive species: The 18-km2 rat trap - from, May 2013

Seabirds Carry Warnings of Ocean Pollution - from, May 2013

Plan to save New Zealand seabirds heralds changes to fishing practises - from BirdLife International, April 2013

Hundreds of dead puffins found on the east coast could have died of starvation due to wintry weather - from Daily Record (UK), March 2013

A Guitar reveals the call of the Fiji Petrel - from BirdLife International, January 2013

Fake gannets entice real gannets to hatch chick on Motuora Island - from New Zealand Department of Conservation, January 2013

Tern Island research station destroyed, crew evacuating - from Raising Islands--Hawai'i science and environment (, December 2012

Razorbill: Victim of Hurricane Sandy? - from CNN iReport, December 2012

Rat eradication project on South Georgia set to resume from BBC News, November 2012

Above the ocean: saving the world's most threatened birds - from, November 2012

Easing The Collateral Damage Fisheries Inflict on Seabirds - from Yale's, August 2012

Can One Incredibly Stubborn Person Save a Species?  - from, May/June 2012

Arctic Seabirds Adapt to Climate Change from, May 2012

More petrels discovered in Haiti - from BirdLife International, February 2012

First ever chick photos give hope for threatened Caribbean seabird - from Grupo Jaragua, January 2012

Second Short-Tailed Albatross Hatches at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge - from What's New - Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge News, January 2012 (Note: article link no longer available)

Aircraft carrier and helicopters come to unique island’s rescue - from BirdLife International, December 2011

A Call to Protect Humble Fish, for Seabirds’ Sake - from NY Times, December 2011

She's Back! - from What's New - Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge News, December 2011 (Note: article link no longer available)

Outright puffin hunting ban suggested in face of population crisis from IceNews, November 2011

Little auks go to the Greenland Sea to moult - originally from PlanetEarthONLINE, September 2011

New Bird Species Revealed to Science After 50 Years in Museum Drawer - from, August 2011

Grim Outlook for Puffin and Arctic Tern Nesting - from, June 2011

Puffins get 'sat nav' devices for key study - from, May 2011

'Success' in South Georgia rat eradication - from BBC News, May 2011

New Models May Reduce Seabird Bycatch - from, April 2011

'Naked' Penguins Baffle Experts - from, April 2011

200 puffin decoys to lure birds back to Ramsey Island - from BBC News, April 2011

Big Fishing Yields Small Fish - from, April 2011

MS Oliva runs aground on Nightingale Island, Causing an Environmental Disaster - from, March 2011

Oldest known wild bird in US returns to Midway to raise chick - from Science Daily, March 2011

Another New Storm-Petrel Discovered - from, February 2011 - also please refer to this pdf file by Peter Harrison

Ninety Percent of Arctic Tern Chicks Starve - from Iceland Review_Online, January 2011

China’s rarest bird discovered wintering in Indonesia - from BirdLife International, December 2010

A Path for Puffins - from The Chronicle of Higher Education, December 2010

Flexibility could help seabirds cope with climate change - from PlanetEarth Online, November 2010 (Note: article link no longer available)

Worsening North Sea conditions could be increasing Atlantic puffins mortality in winterfrom Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH), August 2010

Puffin colony recovers after mystery crash in numbers - from, July 2010

Jamaica's petrels reveal some of their secrets - from BirdLife International, June 2010

Murres & Eagles - from (TV Section), March 2010

Extermination in paradise - from, March 2010

Dead puffins thought to have been blown to Island by storms -  from The Royal Gazette, February 2010

Preventing extinction through education - from BirdLife International, January 2010

Arctic tern's epic journey mapped - from BBC News, January 2010

North Sea conditions could be harming puffins - from PlanetEarthOnline, January 2010


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